Computer wont boot after i plugged anther hdd in

on my computer i have an old ide hd that i use, with an ide to sata adapter. i loaded windows 7 onto it. it was working fine, ujtil i conected another hd (sata) which also has windows 7 (a different edition) on it. this was taken from a netbook. when i started my computer up with both drives, it showed the windows loading screen, froze, then an error said windows failed to start. it then asked me if i wanted to start windows normally or repair. i hit repair, and it starts "repairing" but it didnt say what it was doing exactly. it just said attempting repairs. i tried to click cancel because it was taking too long and i figured the problem was that the new hdd was in master aswell as my original hdd. it said the current operation cant be cancelled. so i just held the power button until it shut off, the unplugged the new hdd. when i boot my computer now it says Reboot and select a proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device. i dont know what to do. can you guys help?

btw some of the guys on here helped me choose the parts for this computer, its kick ass big respect guys!
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  1. sorry guys, i fixed the problem. thanks again to the guys who helped me pick these pats, you cant comprehend how much ass kicking and bubblegum chewing this rig does!!

    specs for those interested (even tho this will probably get deleted):
    amd x3 triple core 3.3ghz
    8gb ddr3 1600 mhz
    asus m5a97 mobo
    msi hd 6850 1gb ddr5
  2. Most likely your computer was trying to boot into the wrong Windows 7 and the incorrect drivers (netbook drivers) caused the failed boot. When you tried the repair, it probably changed the boot disk identified in the SRP so now it does not recognize your actual boot drive. I would start by disconnecting the netbook drive and then use a system repair disk to boot if you made one when you finished your 7 install on the new build. If not, use your Windows 7 installer disk and do a repair installation with only the one drive attached.
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