Battlefield 3 APPCRASH constantly

Hi there,

Thnx for helping me out last time but, this time again I need your help ppl.. I got the MSI H55-P33 Motherboard, i5 650 Processor, 4 GB Transcend RAM, XFX ATI Radeon 5770 HD 1GB GDDR5 and a Corsair 600GS PSU. Now when I run this game Battlefield 3 it shows a loading icon around the cursor and after a minute or two message appears Battlefield 3 has stopped working. I close the program and try it again its the same story over and over I got no results. The new game called NFS:The Run is working perfectly for me with this configuration. So what could be the problem? :sweat:
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  1. There have been issues with BF3 and there have been frequent driver updates therefore make sure you have the most recent drivers.
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