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Where to buy ati mobility radeon graphics card hd 6550m

I have ati mobility radeon hd 6370m graphics card in my hp laptop computer. H-P says it can be upgraded to ati mobility radeon hd 6550M so I can better graphics & better frame rates in the video games I have. But where can I BUY this graphics card so I can install it into my laptop. Thank you very much.
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    I highly reccomend NOT buying a video card for your laptop.

    First off they are much more expensive buying individually then when buying them already built into the laptop.

    Second off is heat and power draw. Not sure if your AC adapter is up to providing enough power to a new GPU. Even if it does work - it may make your laptop much hotter (causing unexpected shutdowns).

    Thirdly - some laptops have their GPU's Soldered onto the motherboard.

    One more issue - for some reason - some laptops willl not recognize newer GPU's even though your laptop may be compatible with a newer GPU.

    But if you really want to try it out go ahead. I tried doing a quick search for you for that mobility part - but shops that sell Mobile GPU's are very few and far between and I didn't find any.

    Actually just found one: Not sure if they actually sell mobile GPU's but from another link I searched on google for said they do. You might want to call them/email them and ask them.
  2. Thank You, I spent most of the day on google & other search sites & came to pretty much that same conclushion. It seems the big computer big houses have got us in there pockets as far as laptop computers go, I am glad desktop computers are not like that. Thanks again Chainzsaw.
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