Is it worth buying an i7 2600? (Non k version)

I'm planning to build my own computer (for gaming) but I am short on funds just now, I have the offer to buy a new unused i7 2600 for about £158 so about $250. Ideally I'd like to buy an unlocked processor for overclocking or a new ivy bridge model processor. Is it worth my money to buy this processor?

I've also won an auction on ebay for a new Asus P8H67-v revision B3 revision intel motherboard for £38 ($59), is it worth buying to keep for future use? How is it in terms of performance and is it compatible with new ivy bridge processors?
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  1. P8H67-V B3 should work fine for any non K series LGA1155 CPU including IVY Bridge, but I7 2600 is a good bet because H67 motherboard needs new bios update to accept ivy bridge CPU (You can't update bios with cpu that's not recognize by the motherboard).
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