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27" IPS or TN monitors for gaming? Plus bonus question.

Hello everyone. First I would like to thank you for any future comments, advice and lectures. :lol:

I will be building a new computer as soon as the new AMD Radeon 7000 cards come out. I can spend about $2,000 on components and will be using this computer for mainly games, internet, Media Center and word docs.

What I would like to do is have a set up with TWO 27" monitors; one for the gaming and one for internet at the same time. I also would like to have a 1920x1200 resolution with IPS monitors. My dilemma is that I see that TN gaming monitors have a response time of 2ms but they do not have a high resolution. IPS monitors have the resolution but a response time of 6-8ms. So when someone says great monitors for gaming, I check out that monitor and the resolution only goes to 1920x1080 "recommended".

Am I missing something or am I getting information mixed up which is a big possibility? :( I can spend about $500-$600 on each monitor.

My ultimate set up will be the $2,000 computer, two 27"monitors and hooking up a 46" TV, a receiver (Denon AVR 1912 or Pioneer VSX-1021-K), a Blue Ray player (?) and 5.1 speakers (Energy Take Classic 5.1). If I can do all that from the computer.

I have not bought anything yet, doing lots of homework first.
So, my question is:

1. What kind of monitor am I looking for with a resolution of 1920x1200 and a fast response time?

Bonus Question: :bounce:

2. How do I hook all that up?

I know a little on this stuff but am not really savvy on the wording or abbreviations, so if possible looonnng explanations are appreciated.


Thank you very much for your time. Happy Holidays to you all. Any questions that may help in advice, let me know. :hello:
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    I am in the same situation (at least getting a new graphics card soon) and looking at what monitor I should buy.

    I wouldn't recomend having 2 x 27" monitors, they will make your set up feel unbalanced.

    I currently use a TN 28" 1920x1200 monitor with a 17" secondary monitor. It is very nice having the smaller side one since it doesn't off center my main monitor.

    My recomendations:

    27-30" IPS monitor (if you are concerned about responce time, then go for one with out a scaler like HP and get a smaller secondary monitor.
    If you are a competative FPS player you may want ot consider a 23" 120Hz 3d monitor. You would play in 2d mode but it refreshes at 120 fps instead of 60 Hz. Supposed to greatly reduce screen tearing (when you look around quickly and it's like the monitor doesn't display the change fast enough).

    I would use the larger monitor for games/activities you want to have beautiful colors in and a slightly higher responce time wont matter, then switch to the 23" 120 Hz monitor for the intense FPS / use it to web browse while gaming on the 27".


    27" HP IPS 2560x1400 res clearer image, great colors 178 x178 degree viewing angles:

    23" 120 Hz quicker responce, lesser colors / viewing angles:

    deffinately goto and look for cheaper prices I am listing amazon as a reference.

    They also have 27" 120Hz monitors if you still wanted to match the size:

    Radeon cards have eye infinity so one card can handle 3-6 monitors. I would recomend display ports on any monitors that have them (DVI/HDMI is not, the higher res monitors require more bandwidth so DP or dual-dvi is required), then the HDMI port for the HDTV.
  2. Thank you for your response. So eternallydead, I don't have to have two monitors "the same size", I can have a 27" and a 22" running at the same time?

    Also, I didn't know TN monitors came in 1920x1200 resolution. That is something I have been looking for but haven't found. May I ask what your monitor is?... What is your monitor? :D

    And one more question please, how do you have them set up? I mean do you have two HDMI cables coming out of the back connected to each monitor?

    Thank you for your time.

  3. I bought my monitor 5 years again the 1200p monitors are very rare, mine is a Hansgee, but I wouldn't recomend it. I was editing my first responce so see the text below *added*

    What games will you play on this computer?

    info on Displayport (DP):
    TL: DR; it carries more data than a single HDMI or DVI cable.

    If you are looking for the "Wow" stunning monitor from friends, I would highly recomend an IPS 10Bit display (3 billion colors) compared to 16.7million from an 8 bit.

    If you don't mind a little delay (most people can't notice it) I would go for a U2711 or U3011 they come precalibrated, so the colors are even more true (red will be red etc.)

    I plan to get the 7970 and a U3011 in the next couple months, but I mainly play MMOs like SWTOR, so I don't mind having a possible responce time delay (mind you talkign milliseconds).
  4. Thanks eternallydead. The monitor that I am using right now is an old 22" flat screen from Dell from 2003. I know the two that you mentioned and have been thinking about the 27" for a long time. I've read a bit about 10bit and 8bit but not to much. I know more is better and more expensive. :(

    Also, I know about DisplayPort, but thank you anyway... all information is good. :) I will most likely go with the 7950 when they come out, maybe the 7970, depending, think I got the numbers right.

    I'll be playing MW3 and BF3 and that's about it. Pretty happy with those.

    Oh ya, don't care what my friends think, I'm 57 and the only one I know who plays these games, the other guys have wives and real jobs. :lol:

    Thank you again, any other info you can throw at me is most appreciated.

    Any ideas on how it all hooks up, even some basics is appreciated.

    Thanks again. :)
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