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Help me see if i got a bottleneck before i buy a new GPU

My system:

Mobo: ASUS P5KC 775 LGA (Max Memory 8gb for ddr2 and 4gb for ddr3)
CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4
Memory: DDR2 4096Mhz (4x1024Mhz) run at 400MHZ
GPU: Geforce gts 250 1gb
PSU: Apevia 500W
Hd: 2x western digital 500gb 7200rpm
Gaming: I play on 1680x1050 res. on a LED screen.
Other: I got Nvision 3D ready, but lag too much to actually use it =b

< i know my rig is old >
< sry for my english im german english is my 4th language>
My goal is to spend as less cash (how obvious) as possible to get some nice performance in the games ill be playing or am playing right now. Determine if theres an obvious bottleneck or any other issues.

I got around 200-300$ to spend on upgrading my pc.

In the near future my goal is to get or save tog et a i7 pc with a nice mobo and RAM, but for now 200-300$ is all i got so spending in a GPU that i can use later on my new rig is the best way to go, in my opinion

Im currently playing alot of Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City and i may be playing Guild wars 2 and some other high end games out there. I dont expect to run them in ultra but ive seen youtube videos and benchamrks to know that theres some GPU's out there that can ultra BF3, like: gtx 460, gtx 550 and 550ti, gtx 560 and obviously all other in top of them. Since thsoe are in the 200$ range its very affordable for me.

I can max Batman just fine without the "Hardware Accelerated Physx" theres some cluttering when i go 3D tho.

Battlefield runs smooth on low/medium with very low shadows. And im only able to run this smooth in 1440x900, my native screen is 1680x1050 but thats jsut too much for my gts 250.

My idea was to get a gtx 460, 550ti or gtx 560 and spend also in 4gb DDR3 memory.

Let me know wut u think, id really like a more professional view on this matter =D.
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  1. at that resolution with your cpu a 560ti should be fine
  2. Does your PSU have enough juice to power 560ti/6950 cards? If so pick one up, ATI seems to do BF3 better, Nvidia for Batman. If not, drop down to 460/6850/6870 and upgrade the PSU for your next upgrade.

    I went the ATI route as BF3 performance is far more important than PhysX.
  3. Baring you have a good enough power supply and want to stick with nVIDIA, I would highly recommend a nice GTX 560 Ti. You should be able to carry over the card to your new computer when you eventually do purchase it.
  4. I want to stick with Nvidia cause i spend money on the 3d Vision kit wich i like alot, i got a 500W power Supply ATM. Not sure how much i need tho =b.

    Thx alot for the replies so far keep em comming =D
  5. Definately go with a 560ti , you will notcie a big jump in performance from that 250 you have.
  6. What brand power supply?

    Everything else in your system will bottleneck the GTX 560 Ti but since you are upgrading the rest down the road, investing in a nice GPU will give you the biggest boost in games.
  7. Apevia 500W, i edited my first post, the one that ahs color leds =D

    Id love to change my whole pc right now, got some nice plans, but for now i dont have the cash so id like to invest in somethin thatll work for me later but give me the boost right now =D. For Gaming that is.

    I was looking at the 560ti and theres FPB and Superclocked and DS superclocked wuts the difference?
  8. If you overclock your cpu to at least 3.0 you should be fine to use a 560ti.
    The difference in those cards is mostly the clock speeds. Just get one that is good value for money , you dont need to buy the fastest one as you can overclock them yourself.
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    Go with the SC version. I've heard problems with the DS and FPB versions.
  10. Ok thx alot guys
  11. any overclockin cpu guides ? =b
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