Nvidia Geforce GT220 work well for skyrim ?

Hello, I just wanted to know if my PC will work skyrim so i know if i will get it for console or not

I will be playing on 1080p i that helps the answer

Windows 7
Nvidia Geforce GT220 1GB
AMD Phenom II 810 x4
6GB Ram
1TB hard drive

Thanks In advance
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  1. Based on http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/skyrim-performance-benchmark,3074-4.html it looks like it would be borderline playable although you may need to lower the resolution. A GT220 is a little weaker than a GT430. If at all possible, even a $60-$80 upgrade would make a big difference for you.
  2. in my opinion it will play like crap
  3. ^That was the short version :-/.
  4. Xbox it will be then :P but what would be a good but cheap upgrade to replace the GT220
  5. +1 to jjb, get it for console.

    depends upon what cheap is to answer your question by informing yourself, check this article out

  6. a 4850/70 off ebay if you have the psu for it, something new... perhaps a 6770, even a 6750 would be a good upgrade from that scrap
  7. Thanks for all the feedback :D
  8. A total budget of <$200 should buy a HD6850 and a competent PSU to run it. For $150-$160 you might find a HD6770 and a reasonable PSU. $90-$100 buys a HD5670 or HD6670 and assumes your current PSU is a reasonable 300W-350W model. $70-$80 should be enough for a HD4670 or HD5570 which ought to run on whatever you have now.
  9. Don't discount used. I'm still trying to sell my old 4850 for $45. That leaves around $4oish which should be able to get you that Antec 380W green. Might not have DX11 or other goodies, but the 4850 will game a lot better then the 4670 or 5570.
  10. ^yeah thats what im saying... not a bad deal you might even be able to land a 4870 for 60 if you play your cards right
  11. on low settings and low resolution it will work...i wont ask you that no buy this or that :-)
  12. It will just work , but it will frustrate the hell out of you!
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