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Is 750w overkill for sli setup?

My system:
-i5 3570k (overclocked)
-sli 670's (overclocked)
-8gb ripjaws x
-3 hdd's
-1 ssd
-like 7 fans

PSU I just ordered: Seasonic 750w

Would 750w be overkill, too little, or be fine?
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  1. 750w should be fine

    seasonics a great make
  2. yeah that's almost perfect, and nice build i just ordered a Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP, a i5 3570k and a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, cant wait until they arrive.
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    For a system using two reference clocked GeForce GTX 670 graphics cards in 2-way SLI mode NVIDIA specifies a minimum of a 700 Watt or greater power supply that has a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 45 Amps or greater and that has at least four 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors.

    For overclocked graphics cards I would add at least 7 Amps to the amount recommended above.

    The Seasonic X-Series 750W (SS-750KM), with its combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 62 Amps and with four (6+2)-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors, is more than sufficient to power your system configuration with two overclocked GeForce GTX 670 in 2-way SLI mode.

    There is enough spare capacity to handle any CPU overclocking you may want to attempt.
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