Very strange power problem.

I just got a new case and power supply for my computer. The case is the antec LAN boy air which I know has grounding problems if the wire is not attached properly. Which I have checked and is installed properly.

Now for the problem last night when I tried to turn on my PC it did not do anything I figured the power button was disconnected but when i pushed the power button on the motherboard I also got no response. I gave up and figured I would look at it in the morning but to my surprise 15 min or so after I laid down my PC turned on by itself. Seemed to be running fine and I used it for a half hour than went back to sleep. Than this morning when i tried to turn it on it made a loud buzzing sound and my house lights flickered than the PC shut off. I unplugged the power supply and pray it did not fry my system.

If anybody has any idea what could of caused this please help.

Case: antec LAN boy air
Power supply: silver stone Strider gold 850w
CPU: Intel 2500k stock settings.
gpu: gtx570 stock settings.
motherboard: Evga z67 sli
memory: corsair ddr3 1066
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  1. well if your house lights flickered then maybe its your wiring thats the problem

    try the pc in a different socket
  2. I had a similar problem, I kept tripping the circuit breakers in my house (I'm in a student house with prehistoric electric system). Try adding a surge protector if changing the socket doesn't work.
    Although the breakers still blow every now and again, it's definitely helped!
  3. i dont think it is my houses power because i am useing the same surge protector and socket that it was on before. this only started happening after i got the new case and powersupply. could it be a faulty power supply or a grounding issue with my case? maybe the new power supply uses the power from my walls more and hit a limit in the curcit that was not reached with the other psu (old one was 850w as well)

    thanks for the replys i need all the help i can get.
  4. would still try another socket first--surge protectors and sockets can go faulty

    the psu wont draw more power than your old one--only draws whats needed from the socket

    and that setup wont draw anywhere close to 850w

    try a socket in another room and see if it still happens
  5. ok i tried to use a diffrent socket with a diffrent surge protector and it did the same thing just this time it made a really loud pop and tried to turn on and poped again till i pulled the plug out of the wall and i smell burning. pretty sure i just fried something..
  6. update: changed to my old psu helped the computer is back to its full glory. now to start a rma for the new psu. will update again if old psu has any problems than it would be the case grounding.
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