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| MSI | XFX | or GIGABYTE OC'd 6870? |

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  1. The only reason to take the XFX in front of the others would be the dual lifetime warranty. The Gigabyte comes out cheapest after MIR though!
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    Me I like the Gigabyte card a little OC and 3 fans for cooling. Thing is the XFX card comes with a limited life time warranty as to the 3 year warrenty on Gigabyte. Take MSI off the table price to high when all three cards are close to being the same. Tough choice. Good luck
  3. I would say XFX. They got good customer service and a good warranty. If looks are a factor I think the XFX card wins there also. Although all 3 are good cards and I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. It is good that you are looking at non-reference cards. Lower temps, lower noise.
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  5. Bought the Gigabyte 3 fan GPU :D thanks again guys.
  6. The reason I bought the gigabyte I figured in 3 years after that warranty is up if it breaks, I will just buy a 7900 or possibly 8xxx :P
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