nVidia GTS450 very low GPU score on 3Dmark Vantage

I've recently upgraded from a very old radeon HD 3870 to a nvidia gts450 and been having major fps issues in games that I could run smoothly on my old card. Also when I run 3D benchmark vantage I get low fps and a very low GPU score, here is a screenshot to the score result >>


I've done a clean win7 reinstal and used driver sweaper before installing my new gts450.
All my nvidia drivers are up to date.

- PoV nVidia gts450 - oc @ core 900 / shader 1800 / memory 600
- Intel Duo Core E8400 - oc @ ~4000k ghz
- Asus P5K/EPU mobo
- 550W Fatality PSU
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  1. I think the fix is to disable physx for your card. 3D mark uses physx if it sees it on the system, so if you disable it in your nvidia control panel it should fix your scores and stuttering in games that support it.
  2. The only thing the can affect the video card directly is the psu , I know that the 550w is sufficient to run the GTS 450 but it could be that the psu is defective in some way and is not actually causing the video card to shut down but maybe it is not supplying enough power to run the card at full speed.
  3. @ dalethepcman - I couldn't find the disable option but I selected 'CPU' in the set PhysX configuration, ran 3D mark again; same results.

    @ inzone - Yes that was my thought too. It's been 3 days and I've tried everything, all temps are fine, drivers... etc. The only thing left to do is to try a new PSU which is a pain since I just bought this one and it's a Fatality gaming one. Thought it's was gonna be my last problem...

    thanks for the fast replies
  4. ok so I changed it with another PSU and the problem is still here. I also checked if the pci-e 6pin was giving 12v and it was. So it has nothing to do with the PSU, drivers or overheating.
    I noticed my VDDC is 1.137v which is lower than my old hd3870 - it had 1.3v. Can that cause some noticable changes?
  5. I found out my gpu memory usage stay well under 100mb on benchamark tests.
    Here is a screenshot of MSI afterburner after a full 3Dmark vantage test >


    As you can see it stays on minimal usage throughout the whole test. Could it be there is something limiting it's usage and by doing that causing bad performance and low fps?

    Help please
  6. There are a lot of components that go into the performance of a Pc and to try them one by one is going to either time consuming or expensive. The one thing you can try that wouldn't cost you is that since you just got the video card there must be some kind of warrenty that goes with it and you could try the tech support of the video card and see if they can come up with something , at the very least you will be able to talk to someone and ask questions which is a whole lot better than posting .
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