Is NEC MultiSync 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor-Black With Touchscreen

:hello: Is the NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor - Black With Touch Screen a good monitor?
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    Depends on your use. For color and viewing angles? hell yeah.

    8ms response time may be a put off for gaming and some of those higher end monitors have more input lag. This makes it less attractive for gaming.

    That said, I personally use a SPVA based panel with 8ms response and a bit more input lag them some would like to have and for me, it works just fine. I very much like the wide viewing angles and the fact that it can get down to even the darkest shades of color while still being able to see the differences.

    Monitors are a VERY personal choice everyone has a different use.

    Many gamers will stick to TN based panels as they are faster for games, viewing angles do not effect then because they always view the screen from the front.
  2. is it a good deal if you could get one for $155 or under?
  3. What is your main use? Games? Photo editing?Internet?

    Is that new or used?
  4. Mainly gaming. It says it may have a slightly damaged case or bezel. And if I am correct,(which I don't know if I am) it has a 8ms response time. MY current monitor only has 5ms. Though is it still a good deal even though it has a slightly damaged case or bezel.(like a few scratches)
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  6. Just to clear up with response(ms), lower is generally better, but depending on how its down, some users will see more overdrive artifacts on those 2ms screens(But the overdrive on SPVA's like mine while not noticeable to some are very strange looking.).

    I hate getting a screen without at least looking at it. Example here would be a Asus PA238QR. e-IPS(cheap, but supposed to be better then TN) 6ms response(and the overdrive can be adjusted, this feature is very good). On paper this thing is actually very good, but it can not produce very dark colors too well. The "Game" mode helps with the darker colors, but results in color banding in the brighter colors. Viewing angles are also less then hoped for, but anyone coming from TN will most likely find this Asus screen to be a good upgrade.

    The price for the NEC is very good as long as the screen lasts for a good while. Backlights can fail without much notice :(

    I also have a preference to 16:10 screens to begin with...
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