Monitor Keeps Going to Sleep

I have had a new PC set up with a GeForce 9600GT, and it has been running perfectly for the past 4 weeks.

Today, while watching a live stream, the monitor suddenly displayed the message "Monitor Going to Sleep", and the light changed from green to orange. It would not react to keyboard nor mouse movement, and did not wake up.

I restarted it, and it worked fine for a few hours, but then the same thing happened. This time when I restarted, a short while after loading - and the desktop displaying on start up, again - the monitor went to sleep. Anytime I restart, I only get about a minute before the monitor goes to sleep.

If I load it in Safe Mode, it stays on, but not on regular start up. I unplugged the card and am currently using onboard graphics, which work fine. Therefore, the problem is the graphics card - but what is it?

Is the card busted? But then why does it work fine in safe mode.
Or do I need to reinstall the graphics drivers?

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or have any advice?

Much thanks for any help.
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  1. Do you have the drivers updated and installed ? I would uninstall the card completely from your computer and delete the drivers as well. Then install the card from the cd that came with it and then update the drivers. See if that helps , if it does not then since you just got the computer then there has to be some kind of warrenty.
  2. Have you changed the power settings in the power management section , I would go to the power management and make sure that you have it set so that the hdd , the monitor and computer never go to sleep.
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