CoolerMaster Silent Pro M - 600 or 700w? (noise level)


First post here, although I knew this forum from long ago :p

Anyway, I'm going to get a new [as silent as possible] PSU. As I'm in a 5th world country with everything tightly restricted (think of North Korea or similar :P) I don't have any options, so other PSUs, prices, or recommendations don't go here. I'm very lucky I could find a place still with a few of those CMs in stock, the only silent PSU series ever available here. The price difference isn't too significant.

What I wanted to ask is, I have a pretty low end system running 24/7, an AMD tricore CPU (TDP 95w) and 3, 4 HDDs (these aren't always in use, ofc). It's out of the question that both PSUs are well beyond what's sufficient for me. But would there be any difference on the fan noise? I mean, maybe the 700w version has higher-end components that would run more "relaxed", generating less heat and thus the fan spinning slower. Still, as both are overkill for me I doubt there would a difference at all on the PSU strain.

Price difference is merely ~$100 (to give an idea on the significance of that, 600w is ~$900 and 700w ~$1000). But if on both PSUs the fan would be running at the same speed there's no point on going higher to the 700w.

I looked for reviews but couldn't find a comparison of the two. Thanks in advance :hello:
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    600W, it's much more than you actually need! You really won't be stressing the psu so you won't be having the fan spin up!
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  3. Yeah, you're right... it was silly to even think there would be strain there...

    Going to get the 600w tomorrow, hopefully the last 2 or 3 left :P. Then I'll try mounting a 92mm fan on my stock CPU heatsink, ghetto-style ofc, I don't have for anything else, and make it spin at 1000rpm or less. That's as silent as I can go ^_^
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