Advice needed on graphics cards.

I'm planning on upgrading my graphics card, would also upgrade PSU if my new graphics card requires a better one.
I have narrowed down my choices into the below graphics cards.

Asus GTX570 Directcu II 1280MB DDR5 OC S$499
Asus GTX 580 1536MB DDR5 PCIE S$699
Asus GTX 580 DirectCu II 1536MB DDR5 OC S$699
MSI N580GTX 1536MB Twin Frozr II DDR5 S$699
MSI N580GTX 1536MB Lightning DDR5 S$769
Palit GTX570 Sonic Platinum 1280MB GDDR5 S$479
Palit GTX 580 1536MB GDDR5 S$649
EVGA GTX570 HD 1280MB DDR5 (Superclocked) S$519
EVGA GTX 580 1536MB GDDR5 S$709
EVGA GTX580 DS 1536MB (SuperClocked) S$729
NVIDIA GTX580 1536MB S$599

These figures are in Singapore dollars.
Feel free to recommend some other card. I'm open to all advice.

Another question is triple slot vs double slot?
And MSI's Twin Frozr vs Lightning.
And EVGA's DoubleShot.
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  1. I do like the cooling solution on the Asus GTX 580 DirectCu but a 3 slot card makes it hard to do SLI.
    I would go with the Evga GTX 580 1536mb GDDR5 $709 , Evga is a good company the has great tech support , customer service and quality video cards. I have always used Evga cards and when there is a defect the RMA they card without any problems , tech support is friendy , helpful and knowledgeable , as is the customer service. The double shot is just the fact there is two fans on the card. I have the 3gb version of the Evga GTX 580 , that could also be a consideration for you.
  2. What is the rest of your system spec? What resolution do you game at?

    A GTX 580 is overkill for most reasons, and with that said I would go with a GTX570.
  3. i7-860 oc'd
    8GB ram
    And I think i'll skip Kepler and get Maxwell.
  4. If you don't plan to SLI my sugestion is Asus GTX570 Directcu II 1280MB DDR5 OC S$499 , It's a great brand and have a solid custom VRM , that leave you room for a great overclock on this card.
  5. Wait, so what would you recommend if I DO plan to SLI?
  6. You don't really need to SLI a 570 at that resolution.
  7. I was just asking :(
    Y u gotta be so fierce bro?
    And why does no one recommend the plain vanilla GTX580?

    Also: Will having 2 fans make a big difference in cooling?
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