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U2412m picture doesn't auto-rotate with monitor

Hello all,

I am having an issue with my new Dell u2412m monitor. When I physically rotate it, my computer doesn't automatically rotate the picture to match. I have tried downloading the latest Nvidia drivers (285.62) but it doesn't help. Im running this off my Asus G53JW laptop with graphics card GeForce GTX 460M driver version (dated 10/15/2011). Is this a software problem? I could've sworn even the old rotateable dell monitors in high school automatically rotated the picture...

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    Well I've got a U2410 and it does not automatically rotate, I have to rotate through Nvidia Control Panel or Windows. None of the Dells that I have seen do...
  2. I was thinking that might be the issue, that it simply doesn't automatically rotate and you have to manually change the desktop to portrait every time...

    can anyone confirm this?
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