First build, pc fan install trouble

ok so my parts come in tomorrow and i triued to install my 2 xigmatek fans i bought.. install a 200mm fan on front n 120 on top. the screws that come with the fans are small fat silver ones and the 200mm came with long black squeshy plug things.. And the HAF 912 paper doesnt really help me...

So my question is how come the fans aren't able to screw in, the case screw holes seem small but i wasn't ever told about fan compatibility with systems.

got front fan but there seems to be no screws for top fans
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    From the sounds of it the fans have the correct fittings and it is the case that does not have the correct holes. It should be easy to open up the holes but this is something that you should not need to do.
  2. i see.. i found out the case had the box that had front panel screws in it so i put the 200mm on, but i still cant figure out the top fans, as the ones that come with it(fat silver ones) wont fit all the way..

    i'm looking around n asking people to see what they did to put them on.
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