System won't power up. Mobo LED is on.

Hey guys

So I swapped my AMD setup for an Intel setup. I installed a Sabertooth P67 and i7-2700K. The moment I turned it on, I got a burning smell. Pulled out the plug. Sniffed around and found a random burn close to the DIMM slots. The reason : I don't know :S

So I went ahead and bought a new mobo. Worked fine, booted up. As soon as I reach windows, the ASUS AI SUITE started giving me warnings like "VCore 0.804" and "VCore "0.845". Also gave me a warning like "3.3V, 3.0823V" < something LIKE that.

I cleared the CMOS by moving around the jumpers. I made sure the BIOS was set back to default again. I powered up and the warnings still appeared. I pressed the reset button (this was like the 4th time I restarted) and the computer restarted. Powered up for 3-4 seconds and shut off mid way. I press the power button again but nothing happened. The mobo power LED stayed on. But the computer just does not power up.

Things I've tried
- Replugging the ATX 24 pin and 8 pin power connectors.
- Clearing CMOS
- Booting with one stick of RAM

Am I looking at a bad PSU?
I'm stumped. Please help out guys.

Intel i7-2700K
ASUS Sabertooth P67
Kingston HyperX Genesis 1600Mhz 4GB x2
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W PSU
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  1. Its either a bad psu or the bios is ramping up the voltage for no reason.... also make sure all of your power cords are(1) seated all the way and (2) put in the right way. My dad built a system and his 4 pin cpu plug wasn't in the correct way and caused a nice little spike that fried his $800 rig. In your bios lower the voltages and if you still have issues, get a new psu... also, thermaltake psu's are kinda iffy... I love my antec high current gamer 750w.
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    Smell the powersupply, if you detect a fried capacitor scent, you have a PSU that shorted.

    Higher end PSU's Antec, Corsair, Seasonic. For more modest setups Silverstone, Coolermaster GX(550 and lower) and the smaller capacity Antec Earthwatts. Thermaltake scare me.
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