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Im putting together my first system what i have so far is an amd 8200fx corsair vengeance series 16gigs coolermaster silent pro m 850w asus m5a97 motherboard i know the board was not that great of a pick i may change later to the sabertooth990fx ineed a little help in deciding on the video card dont want to go crazy on one but want it to be able to handle any game out there combined with what i already have cast your votes????
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  1. also a price range of between 150 to 275
  2. Your motherboard is more than enough. It's a nice board.

    As for video card recommendations, best bang for the buck are GeForce 550ti for $110, or the Radeon 6950 with even better framerates for $225, and be golden. I use the 550ti and run BF3 at 1920x1200 on ultra at 30-50FPS consistently without stuttering (MSAA disabled). With your 8 core beast you shouldn't have any trouble with either video card.

    Oh, and try using punctuation in your posts. It makes it much easier for readers to help you.
  3. Honestly I'd go hands down with the Radeon 6950. You have an AMD platform, which will jive very well with the AMD produced video card. Plus, vs. the 5xx series Nvdia cards for the same price, you get more RAM and less power consumption for virtually the same performance.
  4. What's your CPU & monitor resolution ?
    HD 6950 is decent enough to handle any game @ 1080P @ ultra settings with FPS ranging between 30+ and 60.
  5. Every bench showed the 1 GB is a bit faster than the 2 GB in higher resolutions.
    Note that when the additional memory doesn’t make a difference, it reduces performance slightly, a phenomenon already observed with the 1 GB and 2 GB versions of the Radeon HD 6950.
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