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Cleaning out my box of computer supplies finally and i found this in there. Ive had it for probabaly 2-3 years and ive never used it,mostly because i already had a 850w psu and mainly because i got this as a gift from a friend who tests computers as is without a power cable. The one time i installed this and went to try it out i ran into a problem: the cable is not a standard psu power cable and id never seen anything like it before. So my question is if anyone knows what kind of cable it is, what its called and where to buy one. Looking to upgrade my desktop soon so this psu could come in handy (if it works). Also wondering if this cable would be a different voltage/amps then what my is available in my house. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Attachec pic, left is standard psu power cable and right is the psu connector.
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  1. Looks like it might be made for a different country.
  2. That's a 20 amp cord plug like in this 1600w power supply. Made because on a 15 amp cord you can run a maximum of 1200w through it safely according to specifications which is why to use more wattage than 1200w you need a 20 amp cord.

    It allows for a lot higher voltage run through the cord than the normal 15 amp one. Mainly used for servers, super high end gaming rigs, and other things such as appliances.
  3. i have only one 20amp plugin and its being used for my stove so this does me no good. i was reading the reviews and it seems that some people were using that 1600w psu in 15amp sockets and just getting the 1200 watts instead of the full 1600.. so this leads me to believe that there is a cord/adapter that will fit the psu and plug into a 15amp socket.... trouble is i cant find it. ive never had such a hard time finding something!
  4. if the 20amp cord is a Nema L5-20p then is this cable that i would need to get this psu running using a normal 15a socket?
  5. IEC 320 C19 Socket 16A
    IEC 320 C20 Plug 16A

    "This is the extended version for 16 Amperes of the IEC 320 C13 Socket 10A and IEC 320 C14 Plug 10A . It is bigger and does not match mechanical with the 10 Ampere version."

    I'd call CM here in the US to see if they can get you one. If not, maybe look into purchasing just the plug and connecting a suitable cable.
  6. is there a suitable match availiable here?
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    According to this picture that X4 1600w power supply has a converter cable included with the PSU.

    So its worth calling cooler master to ask if they have a cable similar to the one i posted.
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  9. contacted them via live chat on the website and the guy directed me to a link for an exact power cable for the psu, it was not in stock so he added one to the site for me. i probably should have thought to contact them first but i didnt think they would have the cable especially because its an old psu. thanks alot for your help max :)
  10. Anytime just glad they got one for you because man would that be weird having to plug in your computer where your microwave is lol.
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