Pc build under $1200

hey guys,

i am going to assemble a rig and wanted to know is this configuration best for gaming and pls tell me which latest games can run on my pc

processor - intel i5 2500k

mobo- gigabyte ga - z68xp-ud3r

ram- corsair ddr3 1600mhz

hard drive - western digital caviar black 1tb sata 2 7200 rpm

gpu- sapphire hd 6970 2gb

cabinet - nzxt lexa s

cpu cooler - cooler master hyper 212 evo

optical drive -asus drw24b3st sata

psu-corsair tx850
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  1. assuming you will overclock and SLi,this is my suggestions for you-
    LG 24x DVD burner
    LIAN LI lancool PC-K7B mid tower
    Samsung F4 2TB hard drvie
    MSi Twnifrozer III Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB
    Silverstone Strider essential 700w 80+
    Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB 1600mhz 1.5v dual channel ram
    Intel core i5 2500k ulocked quad core cpu
    Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO
    Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120GB sata III SSD
    AsRock Z77-Extreme4 1155 ATX
    the case has good air flow and enough room for multi gpu setups.
    don't worry about speeds,for speed you have SSD.
    TF III is a very good cooler and will overclock like dream.hd 7870 is faster than a 6970-
    Silverstone power supplies are very high quality and 700w is enough to run 7870 CF+overclocks.
    every component is high quality and compatible.good luck ;)
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