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how do i transfer my os from my hard drive to ssd, i haven't purchased one but found a good deal and want to know if its the hassel
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  1. They will provide software.
  2. just reinstall it on the SSD, as long as the motherboard's the same it'll work fine
  3. well thats the thing im using 64 bit home premium off of a oem harddrive from an acer i had,i dont have a windows os disk
  4. Time to create your own disk...

    Long as you have a licence key...and M'soft are willing to activate...
  5. i dont know what a licence key is, sorry guys i dont know to much about the software side of computers
  6. on the case or with the book that came with the pc is a lable is be blue and white or green and white it should have small words microsoft on it and a string of letters and numbers. acer has a help page on how to find your ser# and oem number on your desktop. also on some desktop and laptops they have a software restore on a partion on the hard drive. using a usb stick or burning a cd you can make a bootable restore cd from it. if not you can call acer and for a few dollars in shipping cost they can send you a restore cd.
  7. Dont companies like crucial an corsair provide software to transfer your os to the ssd? I know crucial does, they have a YouTube video.
  8. how is reliability? i see alot of reviews people geting there ssds and they fail within days..from corsair ocz and off brands
  9. The deal is with SSD, is they have very low writes. Very limited compared to conventional HDD, this means you can only write so many times on an SSD. Especially with an operating system like windows which writes a lot. But that is why SSD's are essentially caching the data, not writing it! That is for your HDD.
  10. now what would happen if i had my os on my ssd and the ssd failed when this is my only pc, and i dont have a os disk.. wouldn't i be out of luck?
  11. on pre built system people most times call the vendor and buy a set of restore cd. most new pc have the restore software on a partion on the hard drive..most good sales men will sell a person a pack of dvd disk and tell them the pc at boot will one you to have 4 or 5 dvd disk to make a set of back up disks. if the vendor software does not do that a lot of people use a disk clone or ghost to copy the backup software to disk.
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