Hooking up 3 monitors to 1 gpu (6950?)

Hey guys,

I am new to this whole asking questions on forums thing and am usually just reading for info lol. I am looking to build a pc (my first) in the near future and am going with a 3 monitor setup. Each monitor is 1920x1080 and the computer will be meant for gaming. I am curious if a single graphics card like the amd radeon hd 6950 2GB will be able to run a game smooth enough on 3 monitors. Should I wait and save up so I can crossfire right of the bat or what.

Also, I have just seen something about "screen tearing" with the 6950's (in crossfire) when running multiple monitors and was wondering if that would be solved with a card like this:
due to the 4 displayport connections.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to make all the right purchases for my first build!
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  1. You shouldn't have any issues, just make sure your monitors (or at least 1) allows for alternate connection types (ie: HDMI, Display Port, ect...).
  2. If you don't have display port monitors and have to use an adapter, make sure they are active adapters, NOT passive adapters. As far as the games go, some run eyefinity right out of the box, other will require an edit to the config file to fix fov. A list of eyefinity compatible games can be found here http://widescreengamingforum.com/mgl/gog
    I'm running a pair of 5870's and they run BF3 @ 5760X1080 on custom (high/med) settings at 40ish fps and can't say I've noticed any tearing due to crossfire, but hope this is been of some help.
  3. I think it is not a problem because Other people seems fine about it.
  4. Thanks Duck for the response. I have read a lot about needing an active adapter.

    Would using all 3 monitors on displayports and no DVI ports make sure that screens would be the same and would using 3 displayports (i need active adapters) and no DVI ports work?

    Of course, I dont want to have to spend more money if it is unnecessary so would the best setup simply be 2 monitors on the DVI connections and 1 with an active displayport adapter?

    The link to the video card didnt seem to be working so here: it has 2 DVI ports and 4 displayports (no typical hdmi port)
  5. You should be able to use any 3 of the 6 connections on the card. So using the 2 DVI ports & 1 DP port (with active DP-DVI or DP-HDMI adapter) should be okay. The gpu I'm using, for example, has 2xDVI, 1xHDMI, & 1xDP connections on each card, I have 2 monitors connected by DVI and the 3rd via DP-DVI active adapter. The 3rd monitor had to be connected via DP to reach the scale needed at the higher resolutions 3 monitors will deliver, apparently, this couldn't be done using only DVI/HDMI/VGA connections only. Although I understand that Sapphire have since come out with a gpu model called 'flex' that can connect 3 monitors without any display port connections, but I haven't heard much about that card.
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