Windows must shut down to prevent damage(blue screen)Help needed.

my older PC Dell computer shut down with the 0.00000024 blue screen message. However my keyboard and mouse aren't responding/frozen. What can I do? Tried rebooting, disconnected keyboard still can't get any working keys of mouse.
I'm using son's laptop to try and find answer. Help!

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  1. sounds like either the memory failed or you lost the video card. Oddly my father had the same issue( same error code) and it was both the RAM and video card. Find what model dell you have, get a new stick of compatible ram and try to boot with only the new memory. one new stick of memory from newegg will only be like $20 usd. If the ram fails at fixing the problem its the video card. If that is the case, try to fing the same graphics card at like bestbuy or an online retailer. If that also fails then the main board has died and your only choice is a new system. Either home built or store bought. Avoid dell like the plague by the way.
  2. also if the two suggestions fail, luckily you are only out $40-$60 depending on where you got the parts.
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