My computer won't turn on

I have a Gateway DX 4710-UB801A ( ) and my computer won't turn on.
Just recently I just installed a new PSU ( ) and a graphics card ( )

However, I had some trouble trying to fit the PSU (had to take out the CPU fan) and the video card (had to move the hard drive up one "bay" and some wires).

Once I tried to turn it on the first time, my computer power LED flashed once. After trying to turn it on again, the LED flashed 4 times in succession. After that, the LED doesn't flash. The fans, hard drive, and etc don't spin and I guess my computer just doesn't get power.

I can assure that my power outlets are working

Any help?
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  1. Is there anything that you didn't put back in the computer?

    I can tell you right now that your computer will not try to turn on if it doesn't have a CPU fan installed.

    Take out the video card and try to turn it back on again with just the new PSU.

    If that doesn't work, take out the new PSU and try it again with the old one.

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    For my records,
  2. Did you plug in the 4 pin cpu power to the motherboard and the 24pin atx to the motherboard?
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