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Corsair TX 850W V2 PSU vs Corsair HX 850W Modular
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  1. which of these 2 will fit in a antec df 85 and will the W be enough for a gtx 680?
  2. So to answer your question, BOTH will fit in the Antec case you listed and YES the power will be good for your GTX680.

    The HX850 has slightly better power efficiency at 80 Plus Silver vs Bronze and then will be able to keep the inside of your case looking MUCH Cleaner and organized as you wont have all unused cables bundled up at the top sitting there collecting dust and taking up space.

    Is it worth the price difference? Personally i'd go with the modular one but both will serve your purposes just fine
  3. both will do the job with no problem so you won't be making a wrong choice. if budget is an issue, go with the TX v2. the HX series offers better efficiency and is modular.
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    TX V2 get's my vote.rock solid build quality and reasonable is a rebranded seasonic unit.but HX850 is a pretty good psu too.only problem i can find is that it's made by CWT-
    both will fit in your case and will easily handle gtx 680 SLi too-
    good luck ;)
    @ct1615,i like your sig ;)
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