Problems after installing gt 440 in my ddr2 motherboard

After installing the GT 440 graphics card in the DDR2 motherboard,when I switch on the computer, it works fine but the sidebar of the windows 7 ultimate turns pale as though it looks like basic of windows 7 and when i start the game, the game stops and says it failed to start the launcher/game, why is this happening pls help me on this, my motherboard model name is MSI G31TM-P21, so plsssssss
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  1. Hi, Have you downloaded the latest drivers for the card from Nvidia website? Which operating system are you using? 32bit or 64bit? What game are you playing?
    285.62 WHQL is the most current driver release. Check which driver ver. you are using.
  2. I am using 32 bit operating system and I already used 9400GT DDR2 gpu in this system with update 285.62 WHQL, does this new GT440 DDR3 gpu need different update or do I need something else to install!!!
  3. uninstall and reinstall drivers............ did you go to Windows update to see if it has anything for you ?
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