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im going to build a gaming pc..im in a tight budget..i've seen 2 processors amd phenom x4 980 and amd fx 6100 out of this which processor to select..i know that the fx series has lesser IPC rating when compared to it predecessor phenom 2's but ...when overclocked to its fullest potential will it atleast come on par with phenom x4 980 or is it a total waste of money...im in a very tight budget so im not preferring intel cause the mobo is way costlier compared to amd...thanks in advance this is my first thread and also im not a computer tech so plz bear with me
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  1. wont a overclocked fx perform better?
  2. wont a overclocked fx perform better?
  3. Even OC'd its crap. (for gaming.)

    What is your budget? Don't forget about the i3 2100, 2120, 2400, or even the G860. When looking at gaming only these CPUs can keep or up pass even OC'd FX chips.
  4. please suggest a cheap mobo for the x4 which also supports OCing
  5. my budget is 900$ and im starting from the scratch
  6. Did a websearch for $900 Intel build. Start here.


    Drop the 6950 for a 7850. Change the 212+ to the 212 evo. Change the OCZ PSU to a good 500W from Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic. If you have any money left over try to get a 2400. (or a 7870.)
  7. will i5 2320 be a good choice...?
  8. will a overclocked i5 2320 matches a i5 2500k at stock speeds ? i know that 2320 is not an unlocked cpu like the k series. it can still be overclocked to some extent isn't it....
  9. imo,
    to match multithreaded performance
    you need 980 at 3.7ghz and fx6 at 3.7 ghz

    but games are not multi threaded
    so to match single threaded performance
    you need fx core at 4.5ghz to match a phenom core at 3.7ghz

    to match per module (2 core) performance
    you need 5.5ghz on fx to match phenom at 3.7ghz

    so for gaming, go with phenom 2 x4 980
  10. nit3crawl3r said:
    i know that 2320 is not an unlocked cpu like the k series. it can still be overclocked to some extent isn't it....

    Non-K CPUs can only be overclocked by changing the reference clock (BCLK) from which PCIe and other sensitive clocks are derived, which typically limits overclocks to only 5-10%, which is not enough to make or break a game but can certainly compromise reliability by undermining tolerances on already tight margins.
  11. I would get the cheaper of either the Phenom x4, or one of the Intel chips I already listed. These will give you the bang for gaming dollar. At this point just ignore the FX series.
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