Cmos does not recognize drives

my cmos doesnt read any drives my power supply is good the drives are good ive replaced the battery reset cmos tried multiple drives the cmos is set to auto detect all i can guess is the motherboard how can i check that and what else is there to check
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  1. got both the SATA cable and the power leads plugged in ?
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    got both the SATA cable and the power leads plugged in ?

    yes its ide though its an older 1 ghz celeron everything is hooked up correctly new battery power supply registers 4. 97 v im lost on any ways to check the mother board also there was a mouse living in it while it was in storage i took it apart everything but jumpers dont know if problem was present before but after it gave cmos checksum error so i reset it and no drives are found except A drive
  3. so the hard drives are IDE and connected with 40 [ or 80 ] wire ribbon cables?

    Check the JUMPERS
    Put the Hard drive on the end of the cable with the jumper set to MASTER

    The CD should be on the center connector , or another IDE channel , and set to SLAVE
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