FSX and Eyefinity, couple of questions please...

Hi All,

I help out at a flight simulation centre and I'm going on a wim to suggest Eyefinity to them...

Currently they have 3 monitors going through colmated displays. The two sides are 20" at 1920x1080 and the front is a 23" CRT running at 1024x768 . Each monitor is powered by it's own PC running FSX which uses a 3rd party program to keep the two side client pc's in sync with the server which is forward facing. Only problem is stutters and jerks with the clients getting the updates from the server. The reason we still use a CRT is due to the great contrast ratio it offers, providing true blacks.

Anyway, I've seen videos of Eyefinity and it looks great. Here are my questions:

Can it be used with different size resolutions as per my description above?

Can you have the two sides working at a 35 degree angle of aspect (like true side visuals in a 737)? (I know about editing the setting widescreen=true CFG file but this looks a vague setting....?)

Can you adjust the display vertically to raise the POV as some of the monitors are essentially at slightly different hights? (how they are positioned in the colimated display units). If we can't I guess the horizon when flying will be messed up.

Thank you to anyone who can help answer these questions.

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  1. I have researched extensively into eyefinity and 2d surround by nvidia, since im a gamer going with 3-27" monitor setup this build.

    1. The resolution has to be the same across all 3 monitors, you cant have it setup up like a dual monitor setup- where you have the choice of resolution to each monitor.

    2. You can choose to orient your monitors however you wish- 15 degrees, 45 its all user preference.

    3. You cannot raise the pov of each monitor seperately.

    I would suggest googling and going to you tube and watching video also about eyefinity. Alot of ppl have gone out of the way to give several explanations. Also with both solutions the span of all 3 monitors is treated as 1 desktop, but as i said b4- as with dual monitors- you dont have the option of choosing resolution. If you want 3 monitors to be playable as a Sim, you are going to want to go with a sli setup- it will work with one card, but it wont be very visually appealing. Last thing- im pretty sure you are going to have to go down to 1 pc- as eyefinity only works on one computer at a time, and not across spanned computers. You are required to populate all 3 monitors in one card, you have to go with 2 dvi and a Active Adapter to dvi in order to get a third monitor running. You cannot have 3 cards, with 3 monitors plugged into each one and use eyefinity.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    It confirms my suspicions. With regards to monitor view/orientation I was not meaning physically with the monitors, I meant in terms of view out the plane.

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