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Hello there everybody!
I've been browsing the site for a couple of months now but only decided to register a couple of days ago.

Anyways, I will get to my point.
I am a PC gamer, and I feel that my old dual-core is just not cutting it anymore.
So, I would like everyone's help and opinions on what kind of PC I should build.
I mainly play RTS games, Skyrim, BF3, MW3, L4D2, and some others. A little bit of programming, coding, photoshop, etc.

I would like to build a whole new PC and I will not be able to re-use any from my old computer (except my monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers) since I will be giving it to a friend who will use it for a Linux box.

I'm on a really tight budget, and I do not want to go over $650 including shipping.
I'm open for any suggestions, Not an AMD nor an Intel fanboy, and wouldn't care whether Nvidia or AMD graphics. As long as I can play my games and run all my applications, I'm fine.

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  2. I would like to see a full listing of your old stuff and I would like to suggest that you not give the computer to the friend and instead upgrade the one you have.

    Anything you can make as a full system for $650 won't be playing those games on ultra settings.

    You would be better off keeping some stuff like your hard drive, case, CD drive, OS, and upgrading the motherboard, processor, ram, and graphics card with the whole $650.

    The $650 will go a lot farther if you can keep those things that I said and devote the whole amount to the new upgrades, you could potentially reach ultra settings if you indeed do keep the things I pointed out.

    I honestly don't think you will be very happy with your gaming experience if you do what you are planning. Between doing your current plan and doing nothing I would rather just do nothing. I would hate to see you spend the $650 on a computer that I don't think will make you very happy.

    Mind you, I don't know the FPS you are currently getting, but nobody around here plans on $650 computers for Skyrim and BF3 when they want good gaming experiences.

    A good processor/video card setup for those games, and one we suggest a lot around here for that purpose, would be the i5-2500k and a HD 6950, and you won't get a full system with those two things for much under $1000.
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