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I am looking to get a new Graphics card soon and I am unsure on what i should get. i use my computer for rendering with MAYA and 3DS MAX mainly as well as some gaming but that is not my primary focus. I currently have 2 radion 5770s. i am looking sto spend no more than $600 what would do a good card to get, should I put all the money into one or split it among 2 separate cards and run SLI/crossfire?
anything and everything is helpful thanks
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  1. forgot to mention my current build-I7 2600k|ASUS P8P67|16GB RAM|CORSAIR|GS800W|RADION 5770 HD X2|40SSD|1TB|HAF 932
  2. For rendering I would suggest sticking with nVidia as there are more titles that support CUDA than there are ones that support AMD's equivilant.
    Most programs do not support CUDA through SLi, so I would go for the biggest single GPU card I could afford. For most projects a 570/580 will do fine, but if you are doing really big stuff then you will want a 580 with extra ram, or move up to the Quadro line of cards.
    There is some confusion about how much better (if at all) the Quadro cards are when it comes to rendering speed, however they are better in the fact that they have more Ram, run cooler, have error correction, and can render more accurately than the 570/580 cards. Definitely worth it if you are a professional and want a better end product, and where errors are the end of the world, but the difference will be negligible if you are like me and only do the occasional project.
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