Are these normal temperatures for intel quad core cpu?

While the cpu is idle i get about 38-40c and around 55-70c while gaming. I have an Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor. I've noticed that my GPU gets very hot while playing demanding games as well. I have a gtx 560 ti and it hovers at around 65-70c while playing games like Saints row the third at ultra settings for only a few minutes. I have the stock heatsink and 5 other fans. 1 x 120mm Front Blue LED Fan, 1 x 120mm Rear Fan, 2 x 120mm Top Fans, and 1 x 200mm Side Blue LED Fan.
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  1. none of those temps are a concern. Nvidias gpus are safe till 99C, I let mine stabilise at 80C.
  2. Your CPU temps are normal for the stock cooler. 65 to 70 degrees on a 560Ti is also a normal temp. GPUs are designed to run hotter than CPUs. You can always set a more aggressive fan profile with MSI Afterburner if you want to lower your GPU temps, but it isn't strictly necessary.
  3. so i shouldn't be worried about my CPU temperature? I found out the the Tcase for my cpu is at around 72c
    my cpu has a bad habit of staying at 70c while playing games like bf3 for a short time. I know that this temperature is within normal expected temperature under load (bf3 takes about 80-95% of core#0 and #1 most of the time) but should i really worry or stop playing battlefield all together? I currently do not have enough cash to purchase an aftermarket heatsink since i recently blew most of my money on this computer. Is there any way to try and keep the cpu cooler? would leaving the back panel open make any difference?
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