Asus ROG Xonar... is it worth it?

Hey everyone :D

I'm looking for a new sound card to go with my new Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset.
Money isnt too much of an issue but Asus released their new ROG sound card.
I'm all for their ROG gear, i have their GTX 580 and motherboard both by Asus's ROG.
But i was wondering is the ROG sound card really worth it? Under their discription they seem to have put alot of attention into sound cancelling but i dont really need that as i'm chilled at home when i game.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

Thanks all :D
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  1. Hello !

    If you are talking about the Asus RoG Xonar Pheobus, I've heard only good things about it. It is the replacement for the Xonar Xense, which was itself a very good product.
    Be advised however that this card is designed specifically for gaming, so low frequency sounds will probably be better than high frequency ones. If you mainly watch movies on your PC, then I'd go with a "Home Theater" type of card.

    Good luck,
  2. Well, I've heard mostly bad. The ROG Phoebus has problems with Battlefield 3, and some people also have problems with other games. I would look on their ROG forum and look at the Asus Phoebus forum.
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