Video Editing Desktop for under $1000 and I'M ABROAD


I copied the format I found on a New Build forum... hopefully this answers all the important questions, thanks!

Approximate Purchase Date: Feb. 25

Budget Range: $700 - $1000 After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video editing and music production

Parts Not Required: Monitor (too expensive to buy and ship, I will find something used)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Whatever is reliable and affordable

Country: I’m from the U.S. but I am living/working in Albania with the Peace Corps (I will be here for another 15 months). I currently have an inspiron mini 1012 but need something to edit video from my minoHD flip...

Parts Preferences: I know close to nothing about computer parts and specifications, that is why I’m asking for advice...

Overclocking: Not in Albania (I will need to buy a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) because the power isn’t as reliable as in the U.S.)

SLI or Crossfire: ???

Additional Comments: Whatever advice you have will be much appreciated. The most important issues are: getting the parts/computer to me (the mail system here has worked well with packages sent from home but will something of this size/complexity be a huge expense?), the power here isn’t as reliable as in the U.S. (I will need a UPS), and there is no heating/AC here... winter is around 35 degrees inside and summer is around 85 degrees inside. I really would like a fast computer that will be able to handle media production without me having to spend half the time waiting for the computer to render/load... I’ve seen deals on desktops with fast processors and decent video cards (as far as I know) for under $700... I imagine I might have to buy a refurbished desktop deal or something and then supplement it with different parts. However, maybe none of this is feasible considering my situation in Albania, but I really want to be able to document who/what I’m experiencing here. I have a history in video editing and feel like I’m wasting it with this Atom processor... Thanks in advance!
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  1. Ok, I guess the real question is:

    Is it feasible for me to buy/put together a desktop computer for video editing while living in Albania? Now is the time that I'd need/want this system the most, so if the answer is "yes" or "maybe," what is your advice on getting this accomplished? I don't need specifics (but I'd appreciate any advice on processor/RAM/video card/supplier/etc you may have), just is this doable?

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