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Ok well here goes, I am wanting to build a new gaming computer from scratch and my budget is around 2k but would not mind spending less of course as long as it is a good build, I have been tinkering on newegg for a few months now just messing with the wishlist and seeing the prices of different builds and I have been checking out the forums here on other peoples builds but I am still stuck, a ssd drive is not to important to me but if it is crucial then i can get one but this is what I have already, also i already have a 2tb hd so thats why one is not on there -Case -Mobo -GPUx2 -PSU -CPU -RAM -Cooler
These are just a general idea for now and i would love to hear everyone opinions, I like the case because it is so large and the prob i have now with my current full size case is that it feels a little cramped so i figured just get one a little bigger so i dont feel that way again haha.
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  1. also no i am not an amd fanboy nor am i an intel fanboy i am actually completely neutral atm this is just one build i also have an intel build i was toying with that has similar items except the cpu is a 3930k and the board is an asrock x79 extreme7
  2. well im sure a lot of people would go against you going for amd but well if it's pure gaming you can go cheaper with an i5 2500k (if overclocking) and an i5 2400 if not overclocking, everything else is good

    go with this intel i5 2500k

    mobo msi gd80 (g3) 189.99$ after rebate too

    just get those as the difference and everything else is good and ready to be bought
  3. it's amazing as in my country an amd bulldozer 8150 = 291.66$ USD
    and an i5 2500k = 226.19$ USD lol im happy with the price of the i5 but the bulldozer in here has a bulldozer like price lol
  4. so what is it with the amd cpus that make them so bad? Like i said i dont mind either intel or amd but I do not really fully understand the problems and benefits with them, and would 1 7970 be better then cf 6970? i did some research and got mixed reviews...especially seeing as the 7970 needs pci e 3.0, that is one reason i changed my other intel build when i wanted the i7 3930k because the new radeon card was so expensive and i didnt know if it was worth the price seeing as 3.0 is fairly new
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