GTX 570 - 30fps 3D 1080p/720? High settings?

CPU: Intel® Core™i5-2500k Quad Core (3.30GHz, 6MB Cache) + HD Graphics


Memory: 8GB SAMSUNG DUAL-DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 4GB)

GPU: 1.25GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 570 - 2 DVI, HDMI, DP - 3D Vision Ready


ASUS VG236HE 23" 120Hz 3D LCD, HDMI/DVI-D HD, 1920x1080

hey guys, i just wanted to ask if this system will or should be able to play games like battlefield 3, skyrim, mw3, crysis 2, arkham city (dX9) on 1920x1080 or the next best size (what is it? 720p?) in 3D at a steady frame rate,.

I just want to play most games on 3d in 1080p or even 720p. I dont mind it as long as its 30fps+

I dont want to aim for ultra settings, just medium/high/quite high (75-80%)

basically, hd and 3d in a consistent frame rate where no stuttering occurs in a distracting wave

Is it possible?
what fps would i get for fifa 12 1080
i do plan on adding a second gtx 570 but thatsmonths away
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  1. Your system will play all those games well and definately over 30 FPS on your 1920x1080 resolution which is 1080i.
    You will be able to also play these games at Ultra settings, with possibly no problems or reduction in settings at all.
  2. thanks for the reply

    but what about in 3d vision?
  3. I have never tried 3D Vision but know its best to get a fast card with good vram on it.
  4. do you think 60-70 fps is possible on crysis 2 / skyrim / arkham city / crysis (medium) on high?
  5. Yes it will even hit that on Ultra also depending which game and map, multiplayer or single player etc
  6. If you are really concerned about the vram for 3d Vision you can always check out the EVGA PCIe GTX570 HD 2560MB which has the extra VRAM for 3D or multi monitor
  7. rule of thumb is 3D gives you 60% of your 2D frames at worst
  8. Are you going to be playing this on a 3D monitor or a TV? The reason I ask you this is because most of the current (LED) 3D TVs can output 3D in only 2 modes: 720p @ 60fps or 1080p @ 24fps. So, if you want to really play something and not be watching a slideshow, you are going to be limited to 720p which, in Stereoscopic gaming, is not that bad, because there is a significant framerate drop when you play a game in stereoscopic 3D.

    If you are going to be playing on a 3D Vision certified monitor, the resolution will be the native resolution of your screen @ 60 fps (usually 1650X1050 or 1980x1080 if I'm not mistaken).

    You will be able to play all of the games you mentioned in 3D, however, you will have to tone down some settings (AA for instance) in them in order to reach the FPS you are targeting. As a rule of the thumb, if you want to play some game at 60 fps in 3D Vision, the game should be running at 120 fps in a non-3D vision situation. Basically the 3D vision cuts the framerate by half in order to render 60 fps for each eye.

    Some games will be exactly as I mentioned above, some others will do better. It depends a lot on the game engine, if is a 3D Vision Ready game, etc.

    And, just another two cents, be ready to be dealing with some ghosting issues and also some annoyances on less than optimal 3D games (for instance, crosshair not being rendered correctly, games that will have to run in DX9 to activate 3D Vision - Arkham City is one of them, until they hopefully patch it, etc).

    I have a 22" 3D Vision Monitor and a 46" Sony 3D TV hooked up in a I7 920 with a GTX 580. The most demanding game I have today is BF3, that I run @ 40ish fps on Ultra (but no AA) with 3D Vision or 60+ fps without 3D Vision.

    I hope that helps...
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