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My only computer is a laptop. Currently running an ATI Radeon HD 4250. I have had issues running Star Wars: Old Republic while I was beta testing. The frame rates that I had were making the game unplayable. So, thus I need an answer to my problem.

I'm decent, but not the most technical person. I know my way around computers for the most part. I'm lacking in the knowledge of how things have changed since I used to build computers (never anything with laptops) when I was in high school.

First I know it wont be simple, but is it realistic to replace the graphics card in my laptop in order to be able to play the game comfortably. My idea of comfortable is on a medium graphic setting or better in non crowded areas of the game. Just something that wont have me running into walls especially. Since it is a shared video card would adding more RAM help enough to achieve this?

Second, if this isn't possible what laptop do I go out and get in order to get my above need, preferably a little better since I'll have to dish out more. I'm in a bind already so I'm not looking to spend more than $800.

I'm also just not sure what cards would be compatable with my mobo, and i'm not really sure how the intergrated graphics works in relation to the fact that it also has it's own dedicated memory.

Any help would be great thanks!
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  1. There are very few laptops with replaceable video cards and they tend to be rather expensive. Have you considered going with a desktop computer for gaming instead?
  2. If you have an intergrated graphics chip then you will not be able to upgrade that , the next option would be to see if your laptop has an accessable pci-e slot and if it does then you might be able to add a laptop dicrete graphics card. The memory of the laptop can sometimes be added to or changed to a larger amout , laptops generally have two ram slots and if you have 2gb of ram and both slots are occupied then you have two 1gb sticks and you may be able to upgrade to two 2gb sticks. Since you did not list any spec's other than the Radeon 4250 , I have no idea what you have for a laptop , brand , model ,components.
    There are a few sites where you can go in and build your own laptop with the components you want and they will build it that way and sell it to you. Dell , Toshiba , HP all do that. If gaming is an important thing that you want to do with your laptop then you want to make sure that there is a discrete graphics card and at least 4gb of ram.
  3. TOSHIBA Satellite P755-S5392 Notebook Intel Core i7 2670QM(2.20GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory DDR3 1333 640GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

    TOSHIBA Satellite P755D-S5266 Notebook AMD A-Series A6-3400M(1.4GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory DDR3 1333 640GB HDD 5400rpm BD Combo AMD Radeon HD 6520G

    DELL XPS 15 (L502x) Notebook Intel Core i5 2410M(2.30GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory 750GB HDD BD Combo NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

    ASUS K53SV-DH51 Notebook Intel Core i5 2430M(2.40GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory DDR3 640GB HDD 5400rpm DL DVD±RW/CD-RW NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

    ASUS A53SV-EH71 Notebook Intel Core i7 2670QM(2.20GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory DDR3 640GB HDD 5400rpm DL DVD±RW/CD-RW NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

    It looks like Asus offers the most choices in your budget range.
  4. Thanks for the extra help all. I'm running 4gb of (2x2) on my HP dv7 I think running a m880 (mobo) AMD Triple core proc. I have considered taking on a bare bones kit and seeing how I fare, but I am very mobile and take my laptop everywhere. So, desktop is not what I'm looking for. When I bought it though it said that it had 128MB of dedicated video. How does that work with still being an intergrated graphic unit?

    I know it's upgradable to 8gb of RAM. I'm not really big into playing games especially games just being released. So I'm not sure if that really would be the answer to what I was looking to get out of my experience I desire listed above.

    Anymore help or insight would be great and thanks for what you all have provided so far.
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