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Good day everyone ! I previously owned ASUS G73SW so I'm gonna build my first gaming PC. I need some advice which is the best between 3770K and 3930K, I know they're from different platforms (Ivy and Sandy-E). It's just I want it future proof and O.C. performance at it's best. I'm gonna use it in video editing, gaming but not S.L.I as I'm eying on Asus GTX 680 DC2T. Thanks everyone! :D
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  1. Don't get a 3930K for gaming.....but it might be useful if the video editing software you use benefits from more than 4 cores/8 threads. I know that the 3770K running with quick-sync supporting the IGP screams in video encoding, if that is what you mean by video editing.

    I'm not sure if the six-core/12 thread 3930K is all that justifiably faster than a quad-core with HT in even heavily multi-threaded apps. I too was recently looking at a 3930K/X79 setup for a CAD/3D workstation, but I ultimately decided on the 2600K. It wasn't just the price difference - the 3930K uses a lot more power at load, and runs hotter. Especially if you are not going to SLI, then do not invest in the more expensive X79 motherboard.

    Regular SB and IB i5 and i7 will are as future-proof as anything. I think it has been established at this point that Ivy throws off more heat than Sandy when overclocked 4.5 and above, but milder overclocks and stock speeds are more efficient on Ivy.
  2. ebalong said:
    I'm not sure if the six-core/12 thread 3930K is all that justifiably faster than a quad-core with HT in even heavily multi-threaded apps.

    I agree.

    The cost difference between 3770K and 3930K including motherboard today covers the cost difference of upgrading the PC later when the extra processing power might actually become necessary.
  3. Thanks guys! Finally I'm gonna buy a 3770K. By the way I'm gonna play Crysis 2 , BF3 and NFS Shift2. O.C. a little.
  4. The LGA 2011 platform makes for some nice bragging rights. If you're into running a lot of virtual machines, number crunching or doing CAD work it's a handy platform to have. However, if you're just playing games it's not a necessary investment
  5. I'm confused again, some reviews said that 3770K runs hotter as the clock and volts gets higher. I might overclock it to 4.6Ghz, will Corsair's H100 can sustain and dissipate the heat? thanks !
  6. Have you read the latest article in Toms - 4.6GHz is a little high for IB.
    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ivy-bridge-overclocking-core-i7-3770k,3198.html I think it's all in here - give it a read.
  7. joshua_jc08 said:
    I'm confused again, some reviews said that 3770K runs hotter as the clock and volts gets higher.

    Ivy Bridge CPUs use less power (~20% lower TDP @ stock clock) but that power is dissipated through almost half as much surface area which puts the thermal diodes that much closer to hot spots while also reducing contact surface between the die and IHS/HSF and associated heat transfer by nearly half as well.

    Some of the blame was also put on the thermal paste instead of solder used as TIM between the IHS and core but tests with/without IHS showed little to no difference.

    So IB having a steeper temperature vs watts curve and running hotter at any given power level all else being equal is not too surprising.

    IB having steeper power vs voltage curves was also foreseeable since tri-gate increases gate capacitance and increases drive currents. Add smaller wires to the mix and you have I2R losses that scale up with voltage faster than ever before.
  8. Some of you are wrong. It depends really on how professional you want your video editing to be. If time is really a factor (as it is if it's a business), then the 3930k is the way to go, performance is much better and faster. It's also true that this type of high-end video editing is probably the only activity for which you will need a 3930k/3960X
    (other high-end activities probably need more than this, like some xeons or something)
  9. What exactly does "much better and faster" translate to? Seconds to several minutes faster, or 30min+ faster? OP didn't say anything about using this rig for professional office purposes; I took it that the video editing was more of a personal venture, with gaming being more the primary need.


    You can see that the 3770K is damn near neck-and-neck with the big six-core in most things. The Ivy Bridge spanks the 3930K in a couple of single-threaded benchmarks, with the 3930K picking up decisive advantage in only a couple of areas.

    The old adage "Time is money" doesn't have to be taken to the extreme- even in a corporate office environment. One can always find some other task to perform as one is waiting for rendering, video encoding, etc. Unless you have real numbers that prove the 3930K is vastly speedier than the quads, the extra cost, power consumption and heat is not worth it.

    OP - If you plan on attempting 4.5GHz+ overclocks, then you may want to consider i7-2600K or 2700K, otherwise get the slightly newer tech.
  10. ebalong said:
    One can always find some other task to perform as one is waiting for rendering, video encoding, etc.

    Agreed. How fast is fast enough is highly circumstantial.

    My four years old C2D-E8400 would be considered awful slow by more than half the people here but I personally do not mind because I'm used to doing other less CPU-intensive stuff while waiting for something to complete so I rarely care that I might be able to complete stuff 2-3X faster if I upgraded since it still completes before I run out of other things to do. A faster CPU might enable me to be slightly more efficient by letting me focus on tasks more sequentially, not much more than that.

    I learned to keep myself busy when I work as an ASIC validation specialist... need to find something else to do while waiting for results from a batch of 5-50 hours long simulations to come back from the simulation cluster, particularly when long regression tests return with pass status.
  11. After reading some reviews I might get an i7 3770K and overclock it to 4.5GHz or any which is stable. By the way, what LC setup do you recommend guys? a custom or somewhat like Corsair's H100 ?
  12. Custom, if a budget is given we can find you one.
  13. I'm planning to build my first gaming rig with this setup:

    Mobo: Asus Maximus V Formula or Gene
    GPU: Asus GTX 680 2GB DC2T or Palit GTX 680 Jetstream 4GB
    CPU: i7 3770K
    Monitor: HP x2301 x 3
    SSD: Intel 520 series or OCZ Vertex 4 series

    PSU: I can't decide which one to pick.
    RAM: I can't decide which one to pick.
    Cooling: I can't decide which one to pick. My budget for cooling is around $250 but I can adjust it though.

    EXTREME GAMING computer specification

    with current Price. (save Rs:- 62100/-)


    PROCESSOR (2 year warranty remaining)

    Intel i7 2600k 8MB L3 cache current rate is ........Rs:-28900/-

    MOTHER BOARD :(2 year warranty remaining)

    Asus p8z68 deluxe current rate is ......................Rs:-27500/-

    GAMING CARD:(2 year warranty remaining )

    ASUS ATI 6870 1GB DDR-5 256 bit

    current rate is .....................................................Rs:- 24500/-


    Western Digital 500GB 16MB cache blue

    model WD5000AAKX. current rate is .................Rs:- 5000/-


    Western Digital 2TB 64MB cache

    black caviar hard drive current rate is .................Rs:14500/-

    RAM (2 year warranty remaining)

    corsair Vengeance DDR3 16GB

    (1600 bus) current rate is ...................................Rs:- 11600/-

    HP 24 inch S-IPS WIDE LCD ZR24W

    manufacturing date april 2011 current rate is ......Rs: 26000/-


    FSP Epsilon 80PLUS 900watts with SLI

    current Rate is...................................................... Rs:8600/-


    Coolermaster CM STORM ENFORCER with 2

    200MM(Rs 1500/-) fans and one 120MM fan with

    blue leds (Rs 500/-) fans FREE that are not

    included with new casing.current rate:.................Rs: 8500/-

    Logitec Wireless F710

    game pad current rate is ..............................Rs:-7000/-

    GRAND TOTAL:- ==================.Rs:-1,62,100/-

    now you can get it only ==============Rs:-100000/-

    NOTE: first confirm these rates then contact me. rate is final.

    with every things invoices boxes and all

    accessories untouched.

    FOR PRICE CALL AT 0333-646-8384

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