Is my new Corsair psu defective?

I just bought a new Corsair 650TX v.2 that I was hoping to use with my existing system.

I have the motherboard laid out on a table, with the CPU and memory still installed.

I attached two connections from the psu: (i) the 24-pin power connector, (ii) one of the joined 4-pin power connectors

I connected the motherboard's internal gpu to the monitor and turned it on. The CPU fan went on, but nothing appeared on the screen.

I attached the old psu, and the monitor worked.

Could there be anything at play here OTHER than a defective Corsair psu?

Please help, this is really urgent!
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  1. I see I am going to pay through the nose to ship this back to Newegg. Should have taken those DOA reviews more seriously. Has anyone tried RMAing back to Corsair instead? Is that better?
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    newegg pays shipping on DOA returns, you need to contact them

    i would also suggest the paper clip test to confirm the PSU is DOA
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