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BSOD with GeForce 8800 GTX

I bought a Dell XPS 410 in 2007 with Windows Vista. They installed the incorrect graphics card and had to send a replacement, the GeForce 8800 GTX. My computer ran fine until this year. Recently it started to crash with a bsod. When I ran Windows Repair, I always got a message of a grapics driver problem. I took it to Staples and they took apart the graphics card and clean inside and it performed a diagnostic. They update everything and said it ran fine. I got it home and it ran for 3 days before crashing again. Of course, I took it back to the store. They told me the fan on the grapics card was casuing it to vibrate out of the slot and just reseat it. I cannot get it to start properly. The card is seated properly. I searched on here for help and see that my power supply is underrated for this card. It is a 375w. Do I need to change the card to fix this? Or is the card going bad? Thanks for any help
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  1. 8800's are getting old, its possible its just dieing.

    Could be your 8800 is just getting old, could be a bad power supply.

    First thing I would check is the temps on the 8800 while you game. You can do this with MSI Afterburner. Make sure you aren't overheating. The 8800 have a lot of dust on it?

    Have you tried installing the latest Nvidia drivers?
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    At this point you are going to need a new graphics card and with that you are also going to have to upgrade the power supply. So I would get the power supply first and put it in and see if it helps run the 8800 card and see if there is a way to make the fan not vibrate. If you have no luck with that then you will have to get the new card. You want to make sure that you get a power supply that wll be enough for the new card that you will eventually have to get. Somewhere around 650w would be good. That way you can get as good a video card as you want.
  3. It is just a matter of age for the GPU. I recommend you to replace both your PSU and GPU.
  4. Wow...that was quick. Sounds like changing them both would be the way to go...thanks for the help!
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