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Veiw pci-express x1

I know I can upgrade the graphics/video on my new HP s5710f, it has two PCI-Express x1 expansion slots, but does anyone have a 512 MB - 1 GB recommendation?
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    There are some choices on this page that you can look at , I'm afraid I can't recomend any because I have never used a x1 slot video card.
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    This is an adaptor that will fit in a x1 slot and make it into a full size x16 slot ,so if you get a low profile x16 video card then you could use this adaptor to put it in the x1 slot. But you need a low profile card in order to do this because the adaptor is going to raise the card up and a full size card won't fit.
  3. While inzone's riser idea is great, the performance of a 16x card will be limited to 1 lane of PCIe. This is not enough for a video card other than the least performing cards available. If you are wanting to play 3d games using this card, I don't think it will work out the way you intend. Make sure you don't spend more than $50 on a card, the performance will not be realized. Most of the cards listed on the amazon link are not good for gaming, they are there for 2 or more monitor setups. I am assuming these expansion slots were more for things like USB or audio cards rather than video cards.
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