Brand new build makes a whining sound! HELP!


Specs first:

MOBO: ASRock Gen3 Extreme3 Z68 LGA 1155

GPU: Gigabyte GTX 560 OC

CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz

HD: My old, 7200RPM Western Digital. Around 4 years in age.

PSU (what seems to be giving me trouble): Corsair CX600 Builder Series

Case: NZXT Lexa S Midtower

I've asked around here about this before, but have not concluded what I should do about it. My build is a little more than one month old now. It runs fantastically! Temperatures are optimal, and it does everything I need it to do.

I've had 2 problems since building, and each seem to be with the PSU. The first problem I can across was a fast, continuous clicking sound, coming from the PSU, often starting as soon as I turned the computer on. I *mostly* resolved this issue by turning the PSU right side up. I initially had it upside down, as my case has a bottom vent specifically for the PSU. I guess having it upside down caused the wires to hang into the fan or something. I've experienced the clicking a few times since this fix, but only very occasionally.

My second problem, and perhaps the most concerning. My PSU was making a near-constant high-pitched whining sound, annoying but faint to the hard of hearing, even when the computer was turned off. I could only stop the noise by switching off the main. This continued for some time, and I was concerned that it meant bad capacitators, and that it could burn out my components at any given time. I applied for an RMA and was approved, but continued to wait. My PSU, the Corsair CX600 (builder series) is notorious (so it seems) for making these kind of noises, and I hoped to myself that this whining was just a harmless phenomena of my unfortunate choice of PSU.

One day, something occurred to me. While the computer was off, but on at the main, and the PSU was whining, I unplugged my USB hub from the back. With this, the computer whined even louder. I plugged it back in. It stopped, completely. This wasn't a lasting fix, but I thought it interesting. I did this again, used my computer for a while, and then, instead of shutting down completely, I put her to sleep. There was no whining. I've been putting the computer into sleep mode instead of shutting it down for the last few days, and the whining appears to have stopped completely. Last night, as a test, I shut the comp down instead of sleep, and the whining came back, louder than ever.

Whats going on here?!?!?!?! PLEEASE I need advice. I don't want to put my computer in harms way, but I DESPERATELY do not want to RMA, because it would effectively render my machine useless for a solid 2 weeks while I wait for a return, not to mention I'd have to plug everything back in. I fear the CX600 PSU is just flawed, and getting a new one would not fix anything.

What do I do?!

Thank you for reading my long post!!!
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  1. The clicking sound could be something hitting the fan of the PSU, either inside or outside of the PSU, like a wire which you can easily check.

    Corsair has very good customer service and I believe that they offer advance rma option for many of their PSUs. They send the new item out. You send the old one back when you receive the new one.

    I would contact Corsair to see if you have that option.
  2. The only solution I see is a new or different brand PSU. Todays modern PSU is what is known as a switching power supply. It uses solid state frequency switching to generate +/- 5 vdc and +/- 12 vdc. Unfortunatly these frequenies are sometimes audible from vibrations. In this case a no or minimal load power dissipation. Most peoples hearing tops out at 18khz to 20khz. Old tube picture tube TV's sometimes had this problem from the high voltage/high frequency choke(transformer). RMA and get a different one.
  3. I have emailed Corsair about the advance.

    So, do either of you think that the whining sound spells danger for my computer? Honestly, while it's a little annoying, I can deal with it, so long as I'm confident that it won't blow out my other components. I plan to go SLI in the near future, and in the process buy a better PSU anyways, so this CX600 most likely will not be my power supply past the year.

    So, is my computer at risk, or is this whining likely just caused by frequencies?
  4. I don't think nit is a danger to your computer.
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