Cant update intel wireless driver 2915abg

cant update intel wireless driver 2915abg. It is listed in program files. Try to click "run" after download-doesn't work. Tried launching from the .exe file from program files-doesn't work. Current version is and Intel says update to and this was part of trying to figure out high level CPU usage. No virus and performed various other checks, which leaves out of date drivers. Help!!!
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  1. What happens exactly, when you launch the .exe file? Nothing? Error message? Any window appearing?

    Did you download the right version (32 or 64 bit) of the driver?
  2. When I hit the run button to activate the download, both that window and the one that measures the progress of the download disappear. This really stems from my CPU running in rapid spikes to 100%. In doing a search for people with similar issues, I found that high CPU usage may be caused by: out-of-date drivers, virus and other issues which I have eliminated. So the download is one issue and the CPU usage is another. I think I may have found the CPU issue by going to task manager and removing a (HP) .exe file that seems to be using resources. Later today I will see which program it is associated with and see about program removal. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Yes, identifying the actual process which uses up the CPU is the direction that I would have started going to either.

    Regarding the driver reinstall, try this: download the driver exe, restart the computer into Safe Mode, and try to start it there (maybe after removing the current driver from Device Manager).

    I have no idea why is it that it doesn't start now. Maybe a previous failed attempt left the installer running, and it prevents the new start... a restart should solve that.
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