Hdmi bad quality with ati drivers installed

Hello, I got a new hdmi-hdmi cable and it works perfectly sound and all, but as soon as i install my GPU's drivers, the colour and general quality turns bad. I have a Dvi-Hdmi cable that works fine up to a resolution of 1360x768, any thing past that and i get the same quality as the hdmi-hdmi cable does with the drivers installed, any idea whats going on? (I need sound over the same cable)

I have been at this for a day and have searched with no luck any help will be great thanks.

Gpu - ati radeon 5670 sapphire
Windows 7
Philips 49 inch model no. 47PFL3403
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  1. Its because your TV only supports the resolution 1366 x 768, which is typical of non 1080p Tvs. So, if you set it to higher than that, it will start sending the picture in interlaced formats, which your TV may or may not handle very well. You also have to be very specific on the frequency, sometimes it matters if it is 59.95 Hz or 60 Hz. I have 100+ tvs at my work, they all work this way unless they are 1080p, then you get the full resolution.
  2. If your drivers want to specify a HDTV mode, try just picking 720p. If it wants a resolution, well, your TV's native res is 1366x768, but you may see a difference (better) with 1280x720 or 1280x768.
  3. Thank's for the replys guys, the problem isnt the resolution, over vga i can have 1920x1080 np's, i just need hdmi to work as i want sound over the 1 cable and i dont mind using 1360x768 resolution. The hdmi-hdmi is the problem as no matter the resolution i choose, its a no go, ill add that if i start my pc in safe mode (cant play games) the quality is perfect or just have the gpu's drivers uninstalled.

    I tryed older versions of the drivers / CCC with no luck. oh and i tryed every resolution, the colors are still munted. btw as my pc is starting up (windows logo) the quality is perfect at that point and my pc is recognizing my hdtv as a computer screen (less options on the tv itself to do with contrast / sharpness and so on) the way dvi-hdmi does, but as soon as soon as it gets into windows bad quality strikes and i have the same options in the tv settings as i would if i wer using ypbpr component.

    sorry for the long paragraph.
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