Help with motherboard and cpu please

hi guys

I going to build my self a media centre and i have a micro atx case but because im in new zealand the only psu I could get fairly cheap was a
Power Supply for Acer Veriton 3600G Desktop Computer

Model Number: FSP200-60SV
Max Output Power: 200W

as the case only fits the long psu.
So my question is does anyone have some ideas on a good motherboard and cpu I can use that will run on this power supply?

My partner really like fallout 3 so one with good intergrated graphics would be perfect as I dont think I will be able to fit a gpu in the case.
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  1. I was looking at a ASRock N68-S3 FX and a Athlon II X3 455 3.3Ghz Triple Core CPU,
    A 2eb hdd and 8gb ddr 3 would this psu run that? and would fallout 3 run on that without a gpu?
  2. 200w is just not good enough for pretty much any gaming setup.

    If you really intend to try to make it work then get an A8 and hope your computer holds.

    The only integrated graphics chip that I would ever try to game on that wasn't a high end laptop graphics chip would be the A8. Everything else just performs really sadly when gaming.

    That being said, the A8 system probably still uses too much power.

    I am not even sure it is possible to build a computer that can game with 200w.

    Most DELLs that can't game use way more power than that.
  3. You will not enjoy the performance of an integrated gpu in Fallout3. I suggest you try to contact a friend or something similar who can buy and then ship to you. Are you saying you have no access to Newegg or similar on line sellers?
  4. I do have to say that I am pretty sad about the state of computer hardware in NZ. I have helped others in the past from there. I think there isn't even a Seasonic model of any kind that can be bought if you are from NZ.

    I seem to remember that they have nothing but worthless cheapy PSUs there with zero high end options.
  5. im not really to worried about gaming as i have a cheap gaming rig anyway but my partner wanted to play fallout 3 on the tv, im more interested in watching movies on it put i also have N64 and Psx roms on that my children like to play which is why I brought this case as it fits in my tv cabinet and has front usb ports.

    Newegg will not ship to new zealand and most us places that do charge alot for postage, I do buy alot of componants off mainly cheap 2nd hand stuff but they do have alot of new stuff. will the asrock mobo run on 200w?
    I used a psu calculator and it said 196w but I wasnt sure if that was right
  6. well my psu just arrived and its too big for the case so im back to the drawing board
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    You are better off not reading the wattage on the label. As far as I can tell, there are no testing standards of any sort. If a PSU is tested at an ambient temperature of 100c it would provide maybe 1/10 of the power that the same PSU would be able to give if it were tested at an ambient temperature of 0c.

    Thus, a rip off brand could test their PSUs in Antarctica whereas an awesome brand would test their PSU in the Mojave desert and they may end up with the same wattage on the label, even though their room temperature differences in power output could be larger than the whole wattage on the PSU.

    As an example, my 650w has been tested to do over 900w at room temperature. Some 650ws can't even do 300w at room temperature. That is a 650w difference right there.

    If it is the case that no good PSU brands are available in NZ, you will want to find the one that is "least bad". Once you figure out the brand, then you can worry about wattage numbers.

    If your case is tiny, I think you may want to see if there are any PSUs that specifically say they work with Mini-ITX, that might fit in your case.

    Do you have a link for your case and some of the PSUs that you can get in NZ?

    Start by linking the highest costing ones, because you usually get what you pay for with PSUs.
  8. you can get good psus off but some are way over priced also we have

    My case is an insite case not really sure on the model the only seriel num I could find is pc71023-10
    I googled it and found this
    I'm pretty sure this is my case so would I need to look for a TFX 2.0 psu?

    If so would this work with the setup I want
  9. It makes me cringe that you might have to use the inwin 300, but I found nothing better.

    I am going to go out on a limb and guess that tfx 2.0 is the same size as tfx, something I haven't yet been able to verify.
  10. thanks for the feedback guys but i've decided to throw the case and psu i have and start a new build with a decent htpc case
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