Feb 2012 $400 Super Budget Build Radeon 6790

Hey guys, I'm back with some more builds for you. I decided to focus on a better GPU this month.

Intel Celeron G530 2.4GHz Sandy Bridge CPU ($51.99)
Biostar H61MGC LGA 1155 ($49.99) ($4.99 shipping)
Powercolor Radeon HD 6790 ($129.99)
Crucial 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz ($22.99)
Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD 7200RPM ($69.99)
Rosewill R218-M-BK mATX Computer Case with 450w PSU ($49.99) ($4.99 shipping)
LG 22x DVD Burner ($15.99)

Total = $390.93 + $9.98 shipping

Again, any advice/tip/comments appreciated. If you have a bigger budget, check my signature for the other builds.
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  1. Pezcore27 said:
    Another option for the case. This one has a bigger power supply in case the card was to be upgraded in the future:

  2. The bad part about that Gigabyte MB is that if you are using a dual slot vid card it covers 2 of the 4 SATA connections on the board so if you have more than one HD and Optical, even with a right angle SATA cable, it can still cause issues. The biostar board will only have 1 of the 4 covered.

    Personally I would spend an extra $5 and go for this MB: ASRock H61M-VS

    It has much better layout with the sata connections than the previous 2 boards.
  3. Intel Celeron just has a bad ring to it.
  4. They actually beat almost all of the AMD lineup in gaming performance.

  5. I don't see a Celeron in that list :lol:
  6. ;) I think it was more of a technical glitch or a typo
  7. There's a Pentium G860 and a Pentium G630 - where's the Celeron?

    edit: got ninja'd
  8. Point being, do we know Sandy Bridge Celeron is comparable to Sandy Bridge Pentium or i3? Or actually my point was that Celeron is a brand name not usually associated with gaming --
  9. True, the Celerons are typically not associated with higher end functions or gaming, but with these new Celeron processors based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, they are able to accomplish much higher performance.

    I'm at work, so it might take me a little bit, but I'll see if I can dig up where I saw the reviews for the G860, but it is very similar to the i3-2100 only without the hyperthreading.
  10. Yeah, I know about the G860 which is a Pentium branded CPU. I haven't seen any reviews on Celeron branded SB chips. They're bound to be the lowest binned silicon.
  11. FinneousPJ said:

    I have been reading about the g530 and have been amazed by the price/performance of this cpu. Intel has always dominated the high-end now they are dominating the low-end as well as far as gaming is concerned. http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Celeron+G530+%40+2.40GHz

    I love sandybridge.
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