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What to do with leftover parts?

Not sure where to post this question, so I'm just putting it here.

What should I do with the parts that will be left over from my system upgrade? I'll have a slightly-damaged motherboard (one RAM slot is nonfunctional), a fully working CPU/stock cooler, and a possibly-damaged graphics card (the card produces large amounts of heat even when idle), each are about 3 years old and will need to be dealt with or disposed of somehow.

Any suggestions?
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    I would donate them to goodwill, or give them away on craigslist under free stuff.
  2. + 1 for Craig's List.
  3. You could also use them and build a cheap HTPC, that's what I did. All I had to buy was a cheap case, PSU, and video card - and that was it.
  4. +1 on htpc
    That is what i would do.
  5. Looks like I can get a tax deduction from donating to goodwill. I think that's the route I'll go this time around.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
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