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Is GTX 560 compatible with my PSU?

I have a i7 2600k based gaming pc with a CM 460 Extreme Power Plus PSU. Is the GTX 560 compatible with my PSU? I saw that in the CM's website where it has a PSU calculator based on the pc configuration one has, it says my rig requires only 406 W. Is this for real? Earlier someone told me that I require a minimum Corsair Cx 500. Please help
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  1. Well, you can get a 560 to work on a 450w power supply of quality, but that one is not. So I'm not so sure it will work.

    According to hardware secrets your power supply can actually only supply 430w. I'd be weary, myself. Very.... weary. Its not a great PSU.
  2. 3 minutes and bump ?
    You might want to check that.

    The Extreme Power + is a pos, that theoretically has enough power, not enough native connectors
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    I agree with everyone else.Your PSU is not adequate for a GTX560.It's a shame that processor has to be supplied by that PSU.The Efficiency rating is very low.

    Do you have a budget for a new PSU?
  4. You might go down to Radeon 6790 or GTX 460 so you don't have to worry about PSU being not enough :D.
  5. Don't go for the 6790.The 6850 is much better.
  6. Yes, I can extend my budget for the Corsair Cx 500. But is it enough for the GTX 560 Ti? Anyway what is the bottom line? Is the CM PSU calculator saying wrong or will running this graphics card cause instability or problems only while playing games?
  7. yep! Purple stank is right becuse you psu is not powerfull if you want the 560 to work then you need a 700 or higher psu
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  9. congrats purplestank you got a best answere
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