Building my first computer

Hey I am looking forward to building my own computer and I stumbled across this site...

I am looking at building the budget gaming PC build it has
I don't know much about computers but from what I can tell everything looks good except I would like a better power supply and maybe more ram.

Can you recommend a better one?

Any thing I should be aware of while building my first computer?

If you have any other builds for a computer yet still cheap please sumbit them and I'll check them out.

Also please tell me if that site sucks so I wont try to use it again lol

Thank you for your help!!


Budget: $750 or lower
intended use: gaming
country: US
overclocking: I don't know how to do so probably not
SLI: currently no but I would like to be able to do it in the future

PS: (i dont need a monitor, ( if you have any good mouses you can post them if not I can get a cheap one )
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  1. Hello! Welcome to Tom's!
    Before you start building a computer, check out these videos made by NewEgg on how to build a computer:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    You can also check out my website (sorry for the advertising):
    for some suggestions

    Also, this is a great PSU at only $70
    SeaSonic S12II 520
  2. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for the great video's they helped a lot!
  3. No problem! If you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask on Tom's hardware!
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